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Architect MAA
Master of Arts in Architecture, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts,
School of Architecture, Copenhagen, 2014

I am an architect working in small scale close to the body, with furniture and objects,
handmade locally in Copenhagen by the most talented artisans. I love to work with the beautiful
and natural characteristics of solid wood, and the way it brings warmth and qualities to any space.
The pieces are made to last and will age most beautifully over the course of years. All furniture and
objects are made by hand at the highest level of uncompromising quality at a small cabinetmakers
workshop in the old Meatpacking District of Copenhagen. We are working in close collaboration
throughout the whole creative process, which gives us the unique possibility to carefully hand-pick
and assemble each piece of wood to form a beautiful whole. In the production, we use only Danish
or European wood, treated with natural and environment-friendly oil, based on linseed.
We produce only in small quantities or made to order.